Christine maneuvered her Lexus hybrid out of a tight corner in the parking lot of the dance studio. In the time between her arrival at 6 pm and her departure at 9 pm the lot had filled up and she was having to take great pains to avoid the other SUVs and police responder vehicles of the Brighton Center police station that shared the lot.

She glanced down at her seat, pleased with the car’s sleek profile, leather upholstery, and the glances she got from passers-by. Still, she calmed herself, pay attention. Be smart about the squeeze. Don’t let’s crash…

In our Book Club we're reading about race, culture and white supremacy. From the Doctrine of Discovery to slavery -- even the creation of the national parks! -- white supremacy is everywhere, depressingly, mind-blowingly hard to find ways to get out of it, 'original sin'. Succinct, clear, understandable stories help us in discussion of these matters.

[Two young people aboard the Daniel Webster bound for Boston, 1853, record their impressions. Fran, their descendant, lets her imagination go to them from her hospital bed in 2010. Excerpt from forthcoming memoir, “Alzheimer’s Fantasy in the Key of G,” 2021, Touchpoint Press.]

The Daniel Webster, Boston packet ship, shown off Sandy Hook, New York. Built 1851, painted by John Stobart.

Day 16. Quarter deck, Thomas and Bridget, reading. “I still say, we should be writin’ all this down instead of tellin’ it to each other. Best we find a paper, a scrap of something to write on. A pencil, too. Lest we forget. Do ye go ask Mathew, he’s your friend. Can he not find us maybe…


Kirsten likes to write about family and the interpersonal. She is a volunteer with a long career in research administration and dances Latin for fun.

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